Who, what and why


Connecting animals and mental health


Michael & Korin are huge animal lovers who have been involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation over many years, they have a rescue dog “Rainy ” Who was brought over rescued from the Chinese meat market and their crossbreed “Kaya” who sadly passed away in September 2023 .Korin also has a pet service business that started after “Kaya “ruptured her cruciate ligament in 2011. 

Korin looked after her mother during her end of life illness and watched the impact on her mental health, sadly she lost her mother in 2017 who was a huge part of her life and was very involved in animal rescue work. 


We are social enterprise which means we are dedicated to creating positive social changes within the community. We work in a similar way to a business but are regulated by the CIC REGULATOR To ensure our profits are being put back into the community.

We have chosen to serve: People with mental health challenges and animals alike. We are structured in this way so that nobody receives large dividends, nor bonuses our priority and passion is to make a difference to those affected by mental health and to bring communities together across the U.K.


After a lot of thought of how they could help they decided PP would be dedicated to helping people with their mental health & wellbeing as well as animals needing rehabilitation supporting people who have challenging times and encourage them to approach their mental health with a more holistic approach such as being creative with a paint brush or taking yoga classes. 


Our Mission

To create a safe community of pet lovers with a support network across the U.K for their animals via the online community.

Helping UK small businesses showcase their services and products in their business directory of all things animal and small business related covering the U.K’s finest.

Whilst also providing funding for  mental health support  & rehabilitation creating small business funding and providing support to those of low income who need it most in so many ways people & animals are effected by mental health now more than ever and you can help us make a change.

Dedicated to their love of animals whilst bringing communities together is their ultimate goal!


Michael and Korin


Co Founder


Co Founder