Rescuing a Dog, the question is who saves who?

When I was born we already had a dog a beautiful GSD called Khan he was a failed police dog which my mum then took on and worked with to keep, he was a beautiful dog and because of him I had a strong love of GSD’S and in general animals over the years this love only grew and grew.


They give so much to us from the moment you lay eyes on them waiting patiently for someone to notice them, someone to see past their anxiety or fear who knows what they have been through? Many times I have wished dogs could talk and tell their truth.


Some are nervous, some have fear and some are so shy they can’t even eat for days the adjustment when you take them on takes for some longer than others and some will always have their little “kwerks” like my dog snowy we had arrive in a box covered in burn marks and scabs with matted hair and big sad brown eyes sitting in a box with her sister at around 5 weeks old just looking up out of the box, I don’t think at the age of 12 I had ever felt so sad with humanity how could anyone do that to a helpless puppy? And why when rescues all over the country work hard day and night to keep unwanted animals safe it was heart breaking.


And so my love of rescue over the years grew my mum was always helping at local rescues I would often come home to a new dog bouncing to greet me at the door like I was their best friend yet I had never seen them till that moment! You would watch these animals go from broken souls to confident, loving and learning to trust again, the kind of trust they give you after seeing how hurt and broken they start off is one of the best feelings in the world.


So when I say who rescues who? Is because when you rescue a dog and you can see they need work they are not easy , they need to learn to trust, you teach them what love is and then you watch them flourish into such an amazing loyal companion. You see how far they have come with you ,that feeling has no words that feeling and love that grows brings such inner peace that no matter what happens around you that dog is there and loves you unconditionally and you created that safe place for them to love like that.


So for anyone thinking of rescuing a dog or you are going through the process of rehabilitating them and it feels like they are going backwards not forwards hang in there they are worth the wait stay positive.